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Sparkle on Your Ear

Ear piercings have been around for many years. Pierced ears have been found on the mummies dating back to 5,300 years ago. ┬áIn some cultures earrings were considered a sign … Continue reading

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What is on Your Wrist?

Bracelets and watches are the most common thing that can be found on the wrists of students, teachers, accountants, and other professionals. These items can be small and unnoticeable or … Continue reading

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Keep Your Pants Up!

Your pants, skirts, shorts, and pretty much anything that you as a covering for the bottom half of your body you want it to be accessorized with a belt! It … Continue reading

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Colorful Nails

Did you know that your toes can be stylish and fashionable? Well, mainly girls toes but guys can have some pretty snazzy toes if they want them. So what makes … Continue reading

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Findings at Goodwill

Last week I visited our local Goodwill with a friend. Our goal was to find some old sweaters or jackets for this coming winter season. We did not find any … Continue reading

September 29, 2013 · 1 Comment

Oversized Clothes are Allowed

Fall has officially started and more and more students on campus are making the slow change from their summer wardrobes to their fall wardrobes. It is exciting to see what … Continue reading

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Purple is Royal

Today one of my favorite professors wore a very intriguing purple dress. This particular dress was a floor length dress with the big flowy sleeves that you would expect a … Continue reading

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