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Colorful Nails

Did you know that your toes can be stylish and fashionable? Well, mainly girls toes but guys can have some pretty snazzy toes if they want them. So what makes … Continue reading

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Findings at Goodwill

Last week I visited our local Goodwill with a friend. Our goal was to find some old sweaters or jackets for this coming winter season. We did not find any … Continue reading

September 29, 2013 · 1 Comment

Put Those Shades On!

“It is so bright outside!” has to be one of the first thoughts that comes to mind on a very sunny day. So what do we naturally do? We grab … Continue reading

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You Know it’s a Band Thing

Tonight was the first home game at Arkansas Tech University. I attend college at ATU and I am a proud member of the Arkansas Tech Band of Distinction. As the … Continue reading

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Put A Sock On It

Socks are the ultimate foot warmers. They come in so many styles and colors. Can you imagine what the world would be like if all socks were white and ankle … Continue reading

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What is it about shoes?

Have you ever wondered what motivates you to buy shoes? Seriously. Have you ever stopped to wonder what made you buy the pair of flip-flops or tennis shoes that you’re … Continue reading

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