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Colorful Nails

Did you know that your toes can be stylish and fashionable? Well, mainly girls toes but guys can have some pretty snazzy toes if they want them. So what makes their toenails so fashionable? Nail polish of course!

Did you know that the nail polish that is produced today is actually a lot like the paint that is used on the exteriors of cars? Freaky right? Nail polish comes in a variety of shades and styles such as glitter nail polish. However there are three main types of nail polish: gel, base coat, and top coat. The gel nail polish is the most preferred nail polish since it lasts on average two weeks longer than normal nail polish.

There are also many brands of nail polish. The most well known brands of nail polish are OPI, Essie, China Glaze, and Salley Hansen.

So what is your color choice? Even if you don’t like to paint your nails clean healthy nail are still fashionable.

Either way, colored or natural, rock what you have.



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