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Oversized Clothes are Allowed

Fall has officially started and more and more students on campus are making the slow change from their summer wardrobes to their fall wardrobes. It is exciting to see what people are going to wear this fall! The CSI (Color Solutions International) released their fall/winter color collection. There were a number of colors that I found very surprising in this list such as yellow and dried rose. I was very shocked to find that black was not on the list since black is considered by most to be the main fall/winter color.

Enough about colors. What are you going to expect clothing style wise? Oversized shirts and jeans of course! In my opinion there is nothing better about the fall than wearing an over sized sweater or shirt to class. Since it never seems to drop below freezing in Arkansas jeans are usually the only long pants anyone wears. No need for snow pants, snow boots, or a parka. So what is so appealing to the oversized sweater or shirt? For me it is the fact that I can hide my tummy rolls after eating all the holiday food! The next big question would probably be “Where do I find these amazing oversized sweaters and shirts?” The answer is simple. Go find a thrift shop, Goodwill or a Salvation army and stock up!

What are you going to be wearing this fall/winter season? Whether it be for style or comfort make sure you rock it 100%!


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